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And the Amazon.com Plot Thickens! (Good Laugh Inside!)

We've mentioned in the past how an Amazon.com product page had published an unauthorized facsimile of our warranty page with our phone number and contact info for any customer looking for "Warranty & Support". Again, for any new readers, we are not in any way associated with the product that is being sold on Amazon.com as "Black Box G1W", we do not sell, distribute, or manufacture it and simply have absolutely nothing to do with it. We've also talked about how after a week of complaints we made to Amazon.com, they finally got around to removing this stolen document from their site back in May. 

Here's where it gets interesting, (and frankly rather amusing as well), after our post on July 2nd regarding this topic and sharing a lovely message sent to us from a disgruntled Amazon customer, they've done it again! This time they've posted a copy of our amended/updated warranty page, and the genius who published it didn't even take the time of day to review what they had published. You can see it on their product page in a linked PDF under "Warranty & Support".

Again, not only is this posted verbatim from our Refund, Warranty, & Shipping Policy page and features the stolen graphics created by our graphic designer, our phone number, our company, and our hours of operation. But it also clearly states the amended part:

"NOTE: We do not provide warranty on G1W dash cams purchased through Amazon.com or anywhere besides BlackboxMyCar". 

Yes, you read that correctly, on Amazon's own product page it states that Amazon customers do not get any warranty. I've forwarded this over to Jeff@Amazon.com as not only has this been a huge hassle for us but it is a disservice to Amazon.com customers as well since they are not able to get the warranty or support from the proper channels. In the past 3-4 months we've spent well over 100 hours dealing with e-mails, contacting Amazon, writing these PSA's, and answering phone calls all relating to this "Black Box G1W" topic, none of which we will get back. Even after all the work we've put in and suggestions we've received, we doubt this issue will really come to an end soon, so a good laugh like the one above feels like a hollow victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Cheers and stay tuned for more developments,

Justin @ BlackboxMyCar