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The Amazon "Black Box" Saga Continues

If you haven't been following, check out post #1 here and post #2 here. We've made some progress in the Amazon saga in that now under the "warranty & support" section, it no longer incorrectly displays a stolen copy of our warranty page with our phone number and website. Removing our brand from Amazon took over a week, despite their quoted "24-48" hour response time but we're really running out of ideas for how to beat this into the heads of disgruntled Amazon customers but simply put, WE DO NOT MANUFACTURE, SELL, OR DISTRIBUTE ANY OF THE G1W DEVICES LISTED ON AMAZON.COM. IF YOU HAVE ANY WARRANTY OR SUPPORT CONTACT AMAZON OR YOUR ORIGINAL SELLER.

As mentioned in the past we are getting phone calls, emails, and questions on a daily basis because Amazon has the manufacturer of this product listed as "Black Box" so these disgruntled customers assume we are somehow associated with this product. We have already gone ahead and listed right in our own product description that we do not provide any sort of after sales support for Amazon customers. We've also reiterated this message on our refund, warranty, and shipping page

But the reality is, there are people who just can't seem to understand these concepts and the G1W product. So for the hundredth time this month we'll state that G1W is a generic device and can be manufactured by ANYONE. ANYONE can order these shells from factories in China and put whatever they want inside, that is why there are hundreds of posts on Google for the topic of "real G1W vs. fake G1W". Devices that look the same are not necessarily the same depending on what internal components the person piecing together the kit wants to include. You'll find different types of packaging, menu interfaces, colour combinations, and many other variations among products all listed as "G1W". 

Simple enough right? Well apparently not, every now and then we get lovely messages from users like the one posted below. "Hey, Black Box, Wake-up. Folks have been complaining about your lack of an instruction manual for a long time, WAKE-UP. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what you should be doing, should have been doing, and should recognize what it takes to solve the lack of manuals issue. I tried to get a manual from you, but you said I had to go to Amazon to get one. Bull Shit. I want an owners manual. Send me one." 

Well, for the record ALL the G1W's we sell come with a physical copy of a user manual. In the unlikely event that a manual was missed in shipping, we would have gladly mailed our customers a replacement copy and provided a PDF of said manual, but unfortunately those who are unable to provide an order number (as they did not purchase their G1W from us) would not be afforded this remedy. When you do not order from us, we have no idea what sort of G1W you have and you may have very well done the equivalent of yelling at Honda for not giving you an owner's manual for your Toyota Corolla.

The menu and button layout may be completely different from the G1W dashcams that we sell thus even having a physical copy of OUR manual might do you no good. We have an extensive 20 minute long YouTube video walkthrough of how to use OUR G1W's which we send to users like this commenter above but again it may not help at all since we don't know the source of their G1W. 

In the past 3 months this has become quite the epidemic and we are spending WAY too much time dealing with Amazon customers. We've spent hours and hours on the phone with people asking for support for their Amazon G1W and unfortunately there isn't any way of screening these calls from genuine sales or support for BlackboxMyCar customers. We've heard from one several of these customers that it was Amazon themselves who told their customer to contact us and we have even seen the Amazon IP address going through our product and warranty pages. We're not sure what our next step is in tackling this but hopefully the repeated posts that dissociate us as far away from Amazon as possible is the right move. Stay tuned for more . . .