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Best Parking Mode Dash Cams

As a follow up to our article about the functions of parking mode and hardwiring, here are our top recommendations for parking mode equipped dashcams. As mentioned previously we recommend the Korean dashcams for the best motion detection sensitivity and hardwiring optimization. 

1. Blackvue DR3500-FHD

This is one of our favourite dashcams because it offers a great combination of function and low price point. It has excellent Full HD recording and a parking mode we can recommend based on first-hand experience. It's very small and is fully matte black making it perfect to use as a stealthy surveillance camera. It doesn't have built-in GPS or WiFi functionality making it an affordable option for hardwiring. 

2. Blackvue DR650GW-1CH/DR650GW-2CH

Compared to the DR3500-FHD, the DR650GW series adds a slew of flagship features. It boasts a 2.4MP Sony CMOS sensor on the front unit, GPS location/speed data, and WiFi connectivity for your smartphone or tablet. It has a wider 129 degree lens on both front and rear (2-channel variant), which means it will capture more within the frame when it's in parking mode. These are the most popular dashcams from Blackvue and offer great build quality and design. For the 2-channel DR650GW, motion detection is integrated on both front and rear cameras to offer significantly more protection than a standard single channel dashcam.

3. FineVu CR500HD

For a mid-range single channel dashcam, the CR500HD has been a long-time favourite. Compared to the Blackvue DR3500, the FineVu offers a Sony CMOS sensor for superior night time recording, it also uses a wider 135 degree lens which captures noticeably more within the frame of the video without compromising distortion. It uses a compact swivel mount that can be adjusted to a wider variety of angles than the Blackvue mounts. An optional CPL filter that reduces glare and improves colour is also available for those most concerned about video quality. Those who are interested in the CR500HD but want the same great video quality in a 2-channel format should look at the FineVu CR2000G