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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Can't figure out what to get dad this year? Have a look at our Father's day sale page for a wide range of dash cams to fit any budget. Dad looked out for you when you were younger and probably still does now, and a dashcam is the perfect way to return that favour. Save him the hassle of dealing with his insurance company in the event of an unexpected accident and perhaps provide some entertainment while you're at it. Here are our top recommendations for different budgets and needs:

1. Skyview G1

Perhaps Dad has a few cars he switches between, the suction cup design of the Skyview G1 paired with excellent video quality and ease of use make it an ideal choice for many users. It has a large screen to view footage/change settings and fits most budgets. For those that prefer a more discreet look and don't mind a more permanent solution, the Skyview G6 offers similar performance at the same price point. 

2. FineVu CR500HD + Hardwiring Kit

The FineVu CR500HD uses a Sony sensor and has great low light video quality. More importantly, the hardwiring kit is paired perfectly with parking mode by motion detection which can protect dad's car even when it is off, very useful in the event of a hit and run or vandalism. It has a versatile ball swivel mount that can be pointed towards the cabin and can take screenshots while recording. While the CR500HD can also be installed using the standard cigarette jack method, hardwiring is a little more work and ideal for the handyman dad or a son/daughter that's willing to lend a hand. It'll offer significantly more protection than a standard cigarette jack powered dashcam and has saved many a insurance deductible for our customers. 

3. Blackvue DR650GW-2CH WiFi with Free Hardwiring Kit


This dashcam is not only intended for the driver who wants front and rear protection but also for the techy dad that wants the latest and greatest dashcam technology. The DR650GW-2CH is a fully featured dashcam with GPS for speed and location data but also WiFi so dad can watch and share his videos using an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet. It utilizes a Sony CMOS sensor for 1080P video in the front and 720P in the rear, installation is not much more complicated than a single-channel install with just one cable connecting the rear unit to the front. 


Keep in mind we offer free 1-day shipping on Canadian orders over $200 and it's only $10 CAD more to get 1-day shipping for our American customers, perfect for those last minute gift ideas.

Dad already has a dashcam?

The Dash Crab FX is a perfect automotive accessory that allows for quick single-handed operation and accepts phones of all sizes, even phablets like the Samsung Mega/Note! We've even tested these on the racetrack as they are great for GPS lap timing/video recording with track dedicated smartphone apps. 

Radar Detectors

Check out our Radar Detector Collection for Cobra and Beltronics (Escort) units which start at just $139.95 CAD! They alert the users of potential laser/radar trap locations to encourage driving at safer speeds. Email us at info@blackboxmycar.com for special bundled pricing if you are interested in picking one up with a dashcam!