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Honestly it feels like we're starting to sound like a broken record here but we're being bombarded daily with emails and phone calls due to warranty/refund issues from people who've purchased G1W dash cams from Amazon.com so we're going to shed more light on the situation. The amount of time we've spent explaining to disgruntled Amazon customers is getting out of hand so we'll clarify a few things:

  • "Black Box" is a generic term used in Korea and other parts of the world to refer to what we more commonly refer to in North America as a "Dash Cam". It is not a brand nor a specific company despite how the Amazon.com page implies by listing the G1W as "by Black Box". Again, we are not the manufacturer for these dash cams nor are we "Black Box" on Amazon.
  • The G1W is a generic dash cam where manufacturers (typically in China) purchase parts from other manufacturers that make components like sensors, lenses, bodies, suction cups, etc. and piece them together to sell as a unit. For that reason, consistency is not guaranteed and a quick google search will tell you that there are "fakes" and G1W's that don't perform as well as they're supposed to. We can only vouch/warranty the units we sell directly and have no idea what you're getting into if you purchase from another seller. Do your due diligence before you make a purchase. 
  • At the moment on Amazon alone there are more than 9 sellers selling G1W dash cams, none of which are BlackboxMyCar.com. I repeat, WE DO NOT SELL G1W DASH CAMS ON AMAZON. Also, each seller's return/warranty policies might differ so contact THEM if you have any return/warranty concerns, not us. 
  • The English instruction manuals in general for G1W dash cams are not great, we do have a YouTube walkthrough video but there are far too many variations to account for (>200 manufacturers) so we don't know what you received from your seller. We will continue to offer support to our own customers who need assistance with operating their G1W dash cams but without an order number there is little we can do other than refer to our video.
  • Most disturbing of all: it seems someone at Amazon or one of these sellers not only ripped off our warranty section but posted it word for word with our logo, pictures, and URL as can be seen in the pictures below. We have already contacted Amazon by phone to take this down but it's been more than 4 business days and they have done nothing. This might explain why there are so many Amazon customers contacting us through www.Blackboxmycar.com for warranty issues.