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PSA: Warranty through vendors on Amazon and eBay

For the past few months we've been dealing with e-mails and phone calls from individuals who have purchased dash cams from sellers on websites such as Amazon and are approaching us for warranty assistance. We want to clarify that we are not associated with these sellers and it is the purchaser's own responsibility to do their due diligence and find out what these vendor's warranty policies are.

An example of an ad that is unaffiliated with BlackboxMyCar, note the seller's name that's clearly identified under "in stock"

We do not manufacturer these nor can we confirm the source of these dashcams as a quick eBay search pulls up hundreds of sellers from all over the world. From what we've learned, while many of these cameras may appear the same, their internals may vary and as a result the video quality can be inconsistent with what you'll find on YouTube by simply searching G1W. The sample videos we post on our product page and YouTube channel are from the same units we sell so there are no surprises for our customers, but again we cannot vouch for these unaffiliated sellers.

All our products ship from Vancouver, British Columbia so if you're getting a product directly from Asia or the United States, the only thing we can guarantee is that we know nothing about their respective sources. To describe this with an automotive analogy, this is not a matter of bringing your Toyota in for warranty work at a different Toyota dealership than the one you bought it from, as they are able to certify that the vehicle is a genuine Toyota product. In the case at hand with these unaffiliated vendors, we have no idea what is "under the hood" of these dashcams or when they were originally sold.

We want to reiterate that all our G1W-C come with a 1 year warranty where you will be dealing directly with us here at BlackboxMyCar.com. The purpose of this post is not to slander other vendors that sell dashcams, but to educate their customers on why we do not handle their warranty issues. There are certainly other reputable dashcam vendors on the internet and again we encourage consumers to do their research and ask these vendors questions before making their purchase.