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Best Dashcam for Mac OS X users

Most high-end dashcams nowadays have dedicated Mac viewer programs that allow users to setup their cameras and help to organize video files. This does not necessarily mean that a dashcam is 100% compatible with Mac however. Newer dashcams that support memory cards of 64GB and higher generally use a FAT32 which is not supported natively by Mac OS X. Blackvue used to be our top recommendation for Mac users as the Mac viewer works quite well and was fairly intuitive, however with the latest models that now support 64GB and up cards, special formatting is required to work with Mac computers. This means that if you format your card in your camera, the Mac computer will not be able to read it.
Blackvue Micro SD

We recommend formatting the memory card of the camera at least once a month and the easiest way to stay on top of that is by formatting on the device. This is not an option for Blackvue or BlackSys users who want to use 64GB and higher cards but up until now there hasn't really been a better option for Mac users when it comes to dual-channel parking mode dashcams. With the latest Thinkware cameras though, 64GB and up cards are formatted in EXFAT which is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers making it very user friendly and our top recommendation for Mac OS X.

The Mac viewer for Thinkware F750 and F770 is available here