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FineVu T9 Dual Video Samples

The FineVu T9 is very interesting, because it has brought something new to the table. As noted in our post about our most recent trip to Korea, Korean dashcam users are now using lower resolution rear cameras because they do not find the need for such high-quality recording. If it gets the job done, it is good enough. That is exactly the concept behind the T9. The FineVu T9 utilizes a 720P front camera, with a VGA-input rear camera. The 720P front is not something that far-off from what we are used to, but the 480P rear is what is different. In North America, we are spoiled by very high-quality recording capabilities in dashcams, so the thought of having a 480P camera does not even cross our minds. Let us know what you think of FineVu T9!

Front Sample Video

Rear Sample Video