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Security Guard Lies About Accident (Thinkware F750)

This video from California was captured on a Thinkware F750 dash cam and shows a very minor scratch/bump, normally not a big deal and not worth posting about. But in this case, a security guard decides to intervene and strongly assert his side of the story (despite not being of any authority when it comes to traffic issues). He accuses the driver with the dashcam of being the one who hit the Honda although you can clearly hear the impact and see the other driver backing into the cammer who is stopped. 

The careless driving isn't what infuriates us, instead it's the school's security guard's demeanor and fabrication of events to protect the lady who is a staff member at the same school. Thankfully his statements or the statements made by any eyewitness would not override the solid video evidence but it would be scary to consider how this would've worked out had there not been a dashcam. 

Many on the Reddit discussion and YouTube comments feel that the security guard's lack of integrity should result in his termination. Furthermore, due to the negative exposure suffered, the school's Facebook rating has dropped significantly. Video evidence and negative publicity/media attention has the power to hurt careers and businesses, hopefully this serves as a good example of what not to do in an age of constant surveillance, be it from smartphones, security cameras, or dash cams. 

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