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Blackvue Dash Cams on the Track (Formula Drift and More!)

Many of our customers are car enthusiasts that like to take their vehicles to various motorsports events such as track days, drag races, and autocross. Traditionally, GoPro's are the go to camera for motorsports applications thanks to their versatile mounting solutions and good video performance at high speeds. Recently however, we've seen a shift towards using a dashcam on the racetrack instead with Blackvue as one of the leaders in this field.  

Blackvue's latest foray into motorsports has been a partnership with Formula Drift which included installing dashcams on all of the driver's cars. Not only did these cameras provide useful recording of the event but they took advantage of Blackvue Over the Cloud to let viewers at home stream video straight from the dashcam for a very unique motorsports experience. They also placed Blackvue dashcams at various locations around the track to provide a static perspective of the event. All this could be accessed through the free Blackvue C app and users could choose which camera they wanted to stream from by clicking on the map. 

While most grassroots/amateur motorsports enthusiasts aren't going to be streaming their track experience in real time for a worldwide audience, the dashcam is still a great tool for recording an on-track experience. The dashcams are generally quite low-profile and don't significantly impede the driver's line of sight. At the same time the adhesive mount can easily sustain the high G-forces on track as the last thing you want while driving at 10/10ths is a dashcam falling into your lap, footwell, or dashboard (We don't recommend suction cup mounted dashcams for track use). Many dashcams also offer the option for GPS logging which can display speed information on the actual timestamp, while not quite as accurate as a dedicated datalogging track timer the time and speed stamps do offer simple and handy references for review. 

Our favourite cameras for on-track recording are the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH and Thinkware F750, this is because they have built in GPS and a rear camera that can rotate to be front facing. This allows the user to choose to have the rear camera record the competition behind them or their own steering and shifting inputs.  One of our customers even mounted the rear camera of his DR650GW-2CH to record his footwork on track! (video above)

This versatility is why we think dashcams are a great solution for motorsports applications, not only do they capture your on-track moments but they'll protect you after you leave the track as well. You don't have to worry about turning them on/hitting record and they're small enough to not get in the way. Features like built-in GPS, WiFi/cloud integration, and secondary cameras help to enhance the Motorsports functionality.