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World's first LTE dashcam that will send you a text msg!

For car lovers, here is a perfect dashcam that was launched just recently from Korea.

This device is capable of providing video clip via SMS to your phone if your dashcam triggers the g-sensor while being in parking mode. With this device, as long as your dashcam has LTE connection, you can view your video anywhere and anytime.

A couple of things to note about this dashcam:

  1. If your SD card fails to operate, your dashcam will also send you a text message.
  2. If your car battery is extremely low, your dashcam will send you a text message to charge your vehicle's battery. 
  3. If you are using U LTE network in Korea, this service is free.
  4. There is a pre-paid plan for $12 CAD for 1GB and this will last up to 180 days.
  5. For monthly users, it is only $3.50 CAD/month and this gives 500MB of data.
  6. 2 Channel system, offering HD-HD quality.

The dashcam market is changing very quickly these days. Every month there is a new dashcam coming out of Korea. Seeing these changes is extremely interesting.

BMW and MINI now offer factory BMW/MINI dashcams in Korea and the BMW/MINI dealership won't give you any hassle if you use their dashcam in Korea nowadays. (And comes with a very expensive price!)

Here is their video overview of this world's first LTE dashcam: