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How to control a skid

Over the weekend, a certain dashcam footage gained quite the momentum on social media, and thanks to Vancity Buzz, we realized it would be beneficial to share it and inform everyone what not to do in a situation like this.

In the video shown above (starting at the 1:17 mark), the car captured on dashcam can be seen turning, skidding, and ultimately losing control.  

With the weather in Vancouver returning back to its natural rainy states, we think that it is important to educate people on what to do if a situation like this ever occurs.

What to do to control a skid

  • Take foot off accelerator
  • If braking is needed, tap it.  Stomping on the brakes can cause the car to spin out.
  • Gently turn the steering wheel towards the direction that the rear end of the car is moving
  • If the car starts to fishtail in another direction, gently steer towards that direction

For visual learners, here is an informative video on how to control a skid:

Drive safe everyone!