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2 year anniversary at BlackboxMyCar

Time really does pass when you are having fun.  

It honestly didn't feel that long ago that four of us were sitting in a room, trying to figure out how to get this  thing started. This was May of 2012.

Our first success came from a group-buy based out of www.e90post.com. Through this, we have started taking our first step towards the car enthusiast network. Continuing on, we expanded to other car enthusiast forums such as Gencoupe forums, Audi Revolution, as well as Mercedes-Benz C63 forums. Thank you to all the members of the forums for supporting us during our start-up.

BlackboxMyCar has come a long way since it started. Without a doubt, it was not a trouble-free ride. These obstacles, however, have only helped to educate me and give me experience. As of today, we have customers in 29 countries across the globe. We distribute to retail locations across Canada and the USA.  I'm also happy to have been given the opportunity to speak on Jil Crop: Unfiltered, as well as have the topic of dashcam covered in local newspapers such as: The Province and Global. Since the beginning, my goal has been to educate people on the importance of dashcams, and make people aware of the uses and benefits of owning one.

As of 2014, we have been quite busy with an array of things! We are currently doing a lot of contract work with other companies, such as equipping dashcams on firetrucks, police cruisers, garbage trucks, security cars, and fleet cars. For the first time ever, BlackBoxMyCar has also signed a contract with an insurance company to promote the use of dashcams in vehicles!

But of course, the most important part of BlackboxMyCar is you guys. Without you guys, BlackboxMyCar will never be where it is today. I would like to thank all my friends and families for supporting me through thick and thin, passing on my business through word of mouth, and just being awesome. To all my customers, I have learned immensely through you guys, and can't thank you guys enough for that. All of you are key components to the expansion and growth of BlackboxMyCar. Because of this, customer service will always be the number one priority for us, and we will continue to deliver amazing products backed with an amazing support!

Its another year for us! We have added two new members to our team, and are hoping to expand BlackboxMyCar even more! We look forward to bigger and greater things, and hope everyone will be a part of making it happen!

Thanks again for the growing support!