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Potential Fraud? Swedish Hit and Stay

Our customer from Sweden shared this video with us, he's running the Cellink B paired with the Street Guardian SGZC12RC on his BMW. This setup is perfect for newer generation BMW's prefer not to use traditional hardwiring kits (as seen in our blog post here) which is why the Cellink is preferred by many German car owners. At the same time the Cellink does offer more recording time than most passenger car batteries with traditional hardwiring kits which usually don't last overnight. The SGZC12RC offers excellent video quality and is one of the few Chinese dashcams that offer a true prebuffered parking mode by motion detection. With a 64GB card this camera only holds about 8-9 hours of video due to the high bitrate, however thanks to motion detection technology it doesn't record constantly so the risk of overwriting important files is drastically reduced. 

In the video, the Peugeot driver is seen parallel parking in a very tight spot. In these cases it's not unlikely that a driver hits the car behind them because they can't judge the distance or see quite clearly but it's what she does after bumping into our customer's car multiple times that's really interesting. The proper thing to do in these cases is leave a note with your contact information so that the owner of the parked car can follow up if any repairs are needed etc. However she gets out of her car and begins to take photos of how her car is parked and doesn't leave a note for our customer (little does she know her face and license plate are clearly caught on the parking mode equipped dashcam). 

Upon seeing the damage to his front bumper our customer reviewed the footage on the dashcam and forwarded the video to the police who are investigating the fraud that may or may not have occurred. At the very least this is a hit and run and the other driver needs to be held responsible for the damage done to the cars she hit, but it will definitely be interesting to see how this case develops.