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Take Advantage of Our Christmas Sale

5 more days until Christmas!

This Christmas season, we have been receiving lots of calls from parents in the US and Canada. Many of our younger viewers put BlackVue and FineVu dashcams from Blackboxmycar on their Christmas Wish List and parents have been calling in to inquire about these dash cams.

Many parents request for dashcams with the best qualities, regardless of the prices. We are truly touched by how far parents can go to give the best to their children. From time to time we tend to take things for granted because our parents are always there for us. We are truly touched by these parents this Christmas season and we also had a moment to think about our own family and friends. We realized how much parents can think and care about their children all the time. For this reason, we decided to offer bigger discounts and began the sales much earlier than originally planned.

We are very grateful that our viewers and customers are continuing to order dash cam from us this Christmas season so we prepare every shipment with extra care!

Happy Holidays everyone :)