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Utilizing 2 Types of Technology in One Small Form Factor: Dashcams with GPS

Dash cameras are a well-known and very useful piece of auto equipment. The visual records they provide not only increase safety but also have business and legal applications as well. Advancements in technology have made dash cameras even more useful through the addition of GPS features. When you’re looking for a dash cam with GPS, it’s important to note that there are two different types on the market; one, with a built in GPS, and the other with an external GPS.


Dash Cam with GPS: The Advantages They Offer

At first you may be wondering why you would want a GPS and Dash Cam as a single device, as they appear to be completely different devices and unrelated in their uses and purpose. However, by combining the two machines you’re left with one powerful machine that takes up a minimal amount of space on your dash. When you have a dash cam with GPS, you can also benefit from the following:


Safety on the Road

A dash cam with GPS allows you to track where the car has been with its location marker, which is important. This is perfect for parents with children who borrow the car frequently, so you’re able to monitor where they are going and at what speed. Similarly, studies in South Korea have shown that drivers that utilize a dash cam with GPS are more careful and conscious while driving as they are aware that they are being monitored; this ensures additional safety on the road.


Perfect for Auto Fleets

If you own a business that runs a fleet of vehicles, be it a limousine company, taxi service or otherwise, a dash cam with GPS is a perfect way to overlook the quality of your drivers while not in the vehicle with them. You’ll be able to track their speed while in business vehicles, view where they went while in the car and if they went far off course, and more. With this you’ll also be able to know if there was any damage to the vehicle, who did said damage and who was at fault. This helps your business be more efficient and eliminate misuse of company equipment.


Record of Information

Aside from a visual record of your driving the GPS adds location markers and matches it to a map giving you an exact record of your trip, the route you took, where you were at various times, and the speed you were driving at. This information has several useful applications. For example if you receive a speeding ticket due to a faulty radar gun you have an exact record to fight the ticket in court. Without proper evidence, police can claim that you we’re going too fast and you will have no proof otherwise. With a dash cam with GPS, you’ll be able to prove your innocence and get out of costly speeding tickets.

As you can see having a dash cam with GPS features not only saves you on space in your automobile but also provides information that can help you in many ways; these include business applications and important legal matters. When you need a dash cam with GPS you want the best and newest products on the market today. At BlackboxMyCar you'll receive not only the best in dash cams but also top of the line customer service and professionalism. Contact us today with any questions you may have.